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Imagine being able to purchase a very affordable position that PAYS YOU a percentage back in a guaranteed timeframe... Know in advance when and how much you will be paid. Awesome!
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This extremely powerful system is built on a newly developed hybrid matrix script system that works continually 24/7 to cycle and recycle members, reinvesting a portion of their initial payment to make money and provide more benefit to all that join:
No more sweating and waiting to be paid, hoping that more people will join so you can earn... Praying the payments don't stop. You see, we decide how often you will be paid, and the script does the rest; paying you on time every time.
It was developed to enable EVERY SINGLE MEMBER to earn money quickly in real-time mode! You can literally sit with your account page open, and watch as your earnings increase on a daily/weekly basis.
This system has true flexibility and allows us to set the options that we prefer to generate an effortless passive income for you. What's not to love about that?
It also provides you with instant products and advertising services to save you from finding and paying for them yourself. This allows you to promote your other programs free of charge, and promote your affiliate link for our program absolutely free. Smart marketing works, plain and simple.
It takes the pressure off members to refer new members, especially those that don't want to or know how to promote, because all members will earn from all the other member's efforts together. Sure, you can buy more positions if you choose to and earn more -- but there will never be any pressure on you to do so. You can comfortably work within your own budget and please yourself.
It empowers the Administrators to offer a highly customisable and engaging environment for new members to enjoy signing up to. It aims to build high satisfaction levels that spread with powerful word-of-mouth recommendations because regular payments occur with reliability.
It allows members to provide feedback that can be used to attract new members with genuine real-time testimonials from happy, satisfied members that have been paid more than once on time when expected and of the true amount due.
It provides members with high excitement levels that generate a flowing tide of signups and earning activity that becomes infectious to all members -- in the very best way possible.
How it works

Once you signup to our program today, you will need to deposit some funds (min. $##) and when we launch, you will be able to buy as many positions in our membership lines/matrix as you wish. The positions start from a just $## and we offer ## number of lines/matrix that you have the choice of investing in. We also offer share/matrix bonuses when you purchase that will earn even more income for you. We purposely make our offers attractive to the bulk of our members for higher participation activity.

Because we're starting in pre-launch mode first, that gives us time to promote and attract more new members. Typically, if you do choose to promote, you will earn cash commissions down ## levels anyway!

We will be offering several membership lines that each member will automatically cycle through as they progress awarding advertising and cash bonuses. The graphic below shows the structure of our [script-type] membership lines and the payouts that you can expect. It also illustrates the frequency that you will be paid and the percentage amount you will receive.

[graphic goes here]

##% of your earnings will be held back to pay for new entry positions into the next line. This is one of the features that makes this program so successful. With each position that you hold, you have the chance to earn a total of ## times and earn a massive ##% in profit! Another built-in success trait is that when you complete all the membership lines, you can start all over again! This factor provides continual momentum for all members to enjoy a solid, reliable income once and for all!

You also have the freedom to withdraw your available earnings at any time, or you can reinvest a portion if you wish to make even more money! Quite mind boggling isn't it? Not really... We've kept this super simple so everyone can follow what is happening, and your back office provides you with up-to-the-minute statistics that you can refer to at any time to check on your progress.

If you think we're a run-of-the-mill program that's exactly the same as others you might have seen... think again! Because we stand out from the crowd because we offer ... [enter your Unique Selling Proposition here].

When Was The Last Time You Were Offered A GUARANTEED INCOME?
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How Often Have You Had The Chance To Receive Bonus Matrix Positions Or Shares?


It's decision time now... which means you need to commit and take action to make more money, or simply decline and stay right where you are. If you decide not to, then why not? Really, this isn't like ANYTHING you have ever been part of in the past, and you'd like to experience what it's like to make a regular extra income every ## days on top of your external income wouldn't you?

You won't find us making any outrageous promises of potential earnings to you today -- apart from the fact that we will pay every member with a position in any of our membership lines to the promised payment frequency -- which is ##% every ## days... That's our promise and what you can expect as a member when you signup today.

We're not going to project how much you will earn in total, because we simply couldn't know that in advance, and it's unethical to guesstimate. Yet it could certainly be a much larger figure than we could guess if you stick with us over the coming months and years! (Well why would you leave if you were being paid regularly? You are smart enough to stick with something that's paying you right?)

As a valued member of our program, you will be able to see the total amount of cash that has been paid out to all members to date, and again, you can see your own personal earnings at any time. We guarantee you will be paid on time EVERY time! That's what you're looking for isn't it?

We urge you to take part now, and find out just how thrilling it truly feels to be earning money direct to your account more often than ever before. We look forward to adding funds to your account on pay day!


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